Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Hats

 The Owl - $20

 Stripes - $15

 Brimmed - $15

 Flapper - $15

 Bunny - $15

 Bucket - $15

 Bear - $15

 Breezy  $15

Bouquet - $15 (also looks nice in one color with accent flower and leaves)

How it all started

Last August I received a post via Facebook from my friend Lara.  Her and I had once talked about me wanting to run in the Hood to Coast someday and boy did she have an opportunity for me!  Turns out someone on one of the teams she was with had to drop out at the last minute and they had an opening.  Would I like to do it?  Would I?  Of course!  The problem was that I hadn't run more than 2 miles in the last 6 months or more!  By running it, I was committing to approximately 16 miles over 48 hours!  I said yes.

Two days later I  met the 6 other people I would be living in a mini van for the next 2 days and night with.  The funny thing is that I was more nervous about being social with people that I didn't know than I was running.  Turns out the social aspect was a breeze since I was blessed with the best van-mates anyone could ask for!  The running, well, let's just say I was just as sore afterwards as I was running the entire marathon the fall before!

The Hood to Coast should be considered an extreme sport in my opinion.  You're team, consisting of 2 vans, 12 runners, and 2 drivers takes turns running 197 miles without stopping.  Starting at the top of Mt Hood and then all the way to Seaside, this endurance race goes non-stop to the end. Team Liquid Gold crossed the finish line in 27 hours, 43 minutes, and 59 seconds!  I was hooked.

I am happy to say that I get to run again this year with Team Liquid Gold and some of the same people from my Team last year.  Our team sponsor is Richard Aldersea and his organization, The Ashleigh Mackay Aldersea Foundation.  This mission of this charity is "to positively impact the lives of premature infants.  Funds are used to promote education at several levels: the young survivors of premature birth, the parents of preemies and the healthcare professionals that work in Neonatal Intensive Care Units in hospitals across the U.S.  Further, we encourage and support research aimed at better understanding and preventing controllable conditions that strike infants born at under 32 weeks of gestation."  In order to support this very important organization, the team members of our Hood to Coast team have a goal of raising $800 each.

When thinking of ways I could do some fundraising, something I have not had to do since high school, I was mulling over ideas such as a car wash.  If it worked for the Class of 1996, why could it not work for me?  Well, I am sure that a 30-something year old mother washing cars is not going to attract the same attention as a bunch of cheerleaders.  I could do a lemonade stand, but I would be concerned the city might shut me down for not meeting health codes.  Instead, I decided to do something that I love to do and then sell it - crocheting beanies.

Here's my sales pitch - these beanies are made with love and 100% of the proceeds go to The Ashleigh Mackay Aldersea Foundation.  Yes, I said proceeds, not profit as I am paying for all the yarn myself.  I have been making these for as little as preemie sizes and have found that my most popular size have been for adults!  Yes, you can buy these for your baby, a friend's baby, yourself,  or your second cousin, twice removed.  Just let me know the style, size, and color and I will make it and send it to you!

Thanks again for your support!